If I wear the TRUSS® around my stomach, won’t it keep sliding down?
No, the shoulder support straps hold your equipment up even with the band loose. This means the band is comfortable and does not restrict breathing. You can easily load up to 8 pounds of gear.

Can I wear the TRUSS® below my belt line, in my pants?
Yes. Many wear the TRUSS® across their midsection in order to keep their equipment out of their groin, however you can adjust the support straps to wear the TRUSS® for your best fit. There are many positions to wear your TRUSS®.

How long will the TRUSS® last?
One year or more with every day use. Elastic is much more comfortable and will conform to your body instead of your body having to conform to the holster.

Can I wash the TRUSS®?
Yes, hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. Lay flat to air dry.

Which is better, black or white?
This is personal preference but here are things to consider. White bands blend with white undershirts. Black bands blend with dark undershirts. Most of your equipment is black & opposite colors create contrast thus making things more visible. Thick / heavy fabrics conceal better than thin fabrics. Dark fabrics conceal better than light fabrics.

How is the TRUSS® different from a belly-band?
The TRUSS is not a simple belly band, it is a professional law enforcement equipment harness. The TRUSS® supports your equipment at both midsection and shoulders, so even 8 pounds of gear can easily be carried in comfort all day. The TRUSS® holds twice as much gear as ANY belly band. The TRUSS® has retention for all essential equipment. The TRUSS® has been engineered with tactics and law enforcement requirements in mind.

How fast can I draw with the TRUSS®?
Fast. Watch the TRUSS® in action. With average training, most undercover draws can be around 1 second. Gear management and positive habit transfer affects speed. Anyone carrying deep-concealed should consider snaps or velcro on their shirts instead of buttons in order to access their gear quickly. No matter your method, you should train the same way every time. If you wear button-down shirts consider range testing your methods first.

Which is better, TRUSS® Strong or Cross draw?
You should use whatever performs best for you under pressure testing. Strong draw offers positive habit transfer of previously developed strong-side skills, and a little easier to conceal above the belt-line. Cross draw systems offer easier “stealth” access and more discreet pre-presentation grip. One can cross their arms and establish a gun grip through their shirt without drawing. From a seated position (narcotics officers, surveillance, flight) many prefer cross draw.

Can I exchange for a different size TRUSS®?
Yes, as long as your TRUSS® is new and in re-saleable condition. Try on your TRUSS® with your equipment loaded. If you need to exchange just send us an email and we’ll take care of you.

How quick do you ship?
Generally all orders are shipped within 1-3 days, Mon-Sat. From coast to coast in 3-6 business days. We ship all orders U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail so you’ll know your order status and can track the shipment from departure to arrival. You will receive an email with a tracking link.

Who is the typical user of the TRUSS®?
Law enforcement, military, and security professionals doing undercover and protection work. Because they carry armed every day for extended periods they need a way to carry all their gear comfortably under their own clothing.

How secure is my gear in the TRUSS® Holster?
Very secure. We tested it and our customers have tested the TRUSS® Holster loaded with gun, 2 magazines, cuffs, knife, flashlight. All this doing defensive tactics training, running, shooting and even a military obstacle course. All gear stayed in place.

What firearms will fit in the TRUSS® Holster?
Almost all semi-autos and many revolvers will work fine in your TRUSS®. If you have a specific gun that you want confirmation, just email us and we will get you an answer. We also can do custom orders if your gun doesn’t fit in the standard TRUSS®.

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