Backup Weapon

We have a lot of personnel who use the TRUSS to carry their backup weapon.  The TRUSS is not a bare-minimum design intended to shove a gun in your pants and run to the convenience store.  It is intended as a rugged, well made belly-band system for your firearm, magazines and other essentials.  If you […]

An Introduction to SpecGear LLC

Thanks for taking a look at our site and products.  We are a small cottage industry manufacturer of specialty law enforcement gear.  We were founded in 2004 in Seattle, Washington.  The name, although at times is misunderstood, stands for Specification Gear.  It was intended to emulate the familiar term SpecOps as in SpecGear. Our featured […]

Undercover in the Middle East

Countless military and law enforcement personnel deploy undercover every day with their gear.  Some have got an easy cover garment to work with and some do not.  Striking a balance between comfort and concealment can be a challenge. Many have observed that often darker colors seem to conceal better.  The only way to be certain […]

Medics/EMTs use the TRUSS®

There is a wide range of applications where armed carry is necessity.  Keep in mind that your issue carry does not always have to be bullets and ammunition. Often we stuff items into our pocket and with no organizational forethought.  Having a multitude of compartments can be helpful for organizing your frequent carry items.  Essentially […]