An Introduction to SpecGear LLC

TRUSS Draw from Deep Cover BW

Thanks for taking a look at our site and products.  We are a small cottage industry manufacturer of specialty law enforcement gear.  We were founded in 2004 in Seattle, Washington.  The name, although at times is misunderstood, stands for Specification Gear.  It was intended to emulate the familiar term SpecOps as in SpecGear.

Our featured product, the TRUSS®, was invented out of necessity.  The inventor was issued all his law enforcement equipment and told he had to carry it…and conceal it.  He looked at Galco and Bianchi products but realized they were too bulky and did not offer a comprehensive system for all his equipment.  He particularly did not like having all his gear jammed into his belt line, particularly while seated.  He bought a cheap belly band and a used commercial sewing machine and set out to make modifications.  After several revisions, discarding the belly band, sourcing a heavier duty elastic and other quality components he designed a substantial solution for himself.DSC01501

One day he came into work for training and others noticed the heavy-duty band with suspenders and asked if he could make one for them.  After several of these it was apparent that it worked and worked well!  Word got around in the community and soon other law enforcement personnel were asking for this belly band on steroids.  Alas SpecGear and the TRUSS® were born and continues to this day.

Although designed changes occurred along the way one thing that did not change.  The TRUSS® was made with the purpose of placing the officer at a tactical advantage.  The logic is that you need all your tools and if you are uncomfortable you won’t carry them.  If you can carry them all day comfortably then when bad things happen you will have all your tools and more likely to defeat the threat!  Thanks for reading and remember to be safe.SAMSUNG