Made in the United States

We make the TRUSS® Holsters in California.  Each one is sewn together in stages and then carefully inspected, packaged and shipped to you the customer.

One of the interesting features of the TRUSS® is that it is fairly durable but yet the elastic is somewhat forgiving.  We use a special nylon thread you will find in a lot of military and tactical gear.

DSC01497Our elastic is manufactured by a great elastics company in the United States of America.  We’ve used them for years and have never had an issue with the quality of the elastics we have received.

Some folks may not notice that their TRUSS® Holster has been trimmed and carefully inspected.  We find that inspecting when doing the fine finish work gives us the closest look at the product before passing to be bundled and packaged.  We always welcome any feedback our customers have, both good and bad.  This is the only way we can improve the TRUSS® Holster and help those in the field using it.

Most manufacturers source their sewing overseas because it is cheap and they make more money, however we like to think that its not all about the money but how we get there in the process.