Women in the TRUSS

Left Front Drawing Above

The TRUSS Cross Draw pictured above

Let’s face it, if women would wear heavy fabric and guys’ baggy shirts their firearm concealment effort would be much easier.  The problem is that most women want to dress like women and not men, and who can blame them?

Today there are more women in law enforcement than ever before.  Frankly there are certain things that women are simply better at than men.  As police, they are proving their worth in skill and ability.

Additionally, women as police officers are not carrying a two shot derringer.  Instead they are packing a large caliber semi automatic pistol, cuffs, magazines and probably a tactical light.  How do they conceal all of it?  We’ve contemplated that question and think that the TRUSS® is a good solution for certain body types.

The key is achieving a profile that does not draw undue attention.  If the officer has a moderate upper torso then they will benefit from a TRUSS® concealed by any upper garment that is not skin tight.

Keep in mind also that there are lots of officers out there, both male and female, using the TRUSS® system on their slender builds.  It takes experimentation with clothing selection, gear distribution, and the right fabrics and colors.

Front Right Arm Up

Suspenders in this instance might be better suited if they were re-positioned more town the individual’s 3 and 9 o’clock positions.  Part of system setup can require several adjustments to get the perfect fit.